Ultra-fast charging

Let us imagine a modern EV charging station where we could spend as much time as at a regular gas station. We stop at a charging station, ‘fill up the tank’ in no more than a few minutes, and leave. It is not science-fiction: due to an increasing popularity and number of electric vehicles, charging station manufacturers introduce more and more innovative technologies allowing to send energy significantly faster. Capabilities of charging stations and chargers available now allow to quickly go to 100% battery power in our vehicles. In Poland, as in the rest of Europe, the number of modern stations with rapid charging options is systematically growing, ensuring all EV users comfort and safety while travelling.

A few years ago, when EVs appeared in the market, first electric stations dedicated to those vehicles were created as well. However, their capabilities were limited. At the beginning, charging of EV batteries took a lot of time, and therefore demanded a lot more patience than fuelling of regular cars. What does the speed of vehicle charging depend on? First of all, the power of the charger, type of current we choose to charge it, and battery capacity. Technical parameters of our car also play an important role – especially converter power. Depending on those features, it may take anywhere from 24 hours, to several hours, or around a dozen minutes. In the case of AC charging, our vehicle determines charging power by itself, whereas with a DC quick charger, the current reaches the battery directly.

Charging of electric vehicles can be compared to charging of modern mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or laptops we use every day. Most models are equipped with a large battery; however, if we use a weak adapter to charge it, the charging process will drag on endlessly. Only powerful chargers allow our device to recharge quickly. It is the same with cars – that is why it is so important to be able to quickly charge them at electric stations. The most important factor is, in that case, the time saved while waiting for our car to become fully operational, which is particularly important when travelling long distances. This solution is especially useful for drivers who cover long distances daily, significantly exceeding the capacity of their EV battery.

Chargers installed in public spaces, offering the possibility of rapid battery recharging, become more and more popular. It is extremely helpful, especially if we cannot leave our car at the station e.g. for a couple of hours. Most modern EV charging stations have chargers using high-power direct current, allowing for ultra-fast charging. Those solutions work great in various locations – gas stations situated close to highways and national routes, car showrooms, private and public EV fleets, and service companies.

Most electric stations recharge the battery to the level permitting the user to continue the drive in a relatively short time (30-60 minutes); we can use the time to take a break – get some rest, eat something, or use the bathroom. Thanks to various plug standards available, electric stations are compatible with the majority of leading EV brands. They allow to send any amount of energy to your car – you may choose to ‘fill up the tank’ or stop charging at any moment. If we travel long distances regularly, it is good to plan the route in advance, using the map of available quick-charging stations. We should remember, however, that quick charging may be a little more expensive than the cost of charging the battery e.g. at home.

Electromobility.ONE’s offer includes ultra-fast charging stations with powers of up to 350 kW, allowing you to charge your battery quickly – 400 km of mileage in no more than 15 minutes!

When you install a rapid charger in your facility, you may not only attract EV users, but also generate tangible profit. If you are interested in one of our solutions or would like to install a quick charging station, take a look at Electromobility.ONE’s offer. Here, you will find a wide range of EV chargers with different powers and applications – both home-use, private chargers, as well as product lines for businesses, allowing to install fast and ultra-fast charging stations in public spaces. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our advisors – and most importantly, check our useful free audit option that will help you design and implement an optimal solution at your facility.

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